What to do in Alcudia

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The area of Alcudia is one of the most beautiful and historical destinations in Mallorca and is situated in the northwest of the island. In the old town of Alcudia are the famous Roman ruins of Pollentia which are more than 2,000 years old. If you like history and you are in Alcudia or if you want to know more about what to do in Alcudia, we offer you the best places of interest in Alcudia..

History of Alcudia

First we will talk a little about the history of Alcudia. There are indications that the Roman people have been in Alcudia since 123 BC. Near the old town you can visit the ruins of Pollentia, where the remains of the houses, streets and amphitheatre are preserved. After the Romans, the city was occupied by the Vandals and then by the Moors until the 13th century. In the 13th century, the city was conquered by King James I. The name Alcudia comes from an Arabic term which was the way the town was first described. At the end of the 18th century the port of Alcudia was built. With this the people of Alcudia wanted to improve the economy but this did not help much until tourism came to the Alcudia region from 1960.

The main places of interest in Alcudia

Here are some of the places of interest in Alcudia:

The medieval wall

The construction of the wall began in the 12th century. Construction was not completed until the mid-14th century (1360). The wall has a quadrangular structure, reinforced with 26 towers along the perimeter of 1.5 km and an average height of 6 metres, and part of the moat wall has been preserved. The historic centre of Alcudia was declared a Historic-Artistic Site in 1974, along with the remains of the Roman city of Pollentia.

The walls of Alcudia

One of the tourist attractions of the medieval wall are its gates. Originally there were three, the Porta des Moll or Xara gate, the Porta de Mallorca or Sant Sebastia gate and the Porta Roja Vila gate.

Alcudia Church

The church is on the same side as the wall. In neo-Gothic style, the church was built in 1870. Near the church is the religious museum, where you will discover an interesting collection of religious art such as sculptures, paintings and stones from other periods. The church of Alcudia is an interesting sight to see.

Chapel of Santo Cristo

The chapel is located next to the churches and was built at the end of the 17th century. In the chapel is the “Santo Cristo” of Alcudia. The chapel, in baroque style, can be visited from inside the church.

The old town of Alcudia

Throughout the old town there are many examples of old houses. Throughout history they have undergone important changes, but some houses have survived as never before. The most famous old houses are:

CAN TORRÓ. It is currently used as a library. This 14th century house has 3 floors and has been restored and is one of the most modern libraries on the Balearic island. Can Torró is located in Serra street.

CAN FONDO OR CAN CASTELLS. On the first floor you can see three Renaissance-style windows with coats of arms on each of them. The central window bears the coat of arms of the Castells family, who built the house.

The Roman ruins of Pollentia

The Roman ruins are located near the ancient city walls. The archaeological site consists of 12 hectares where you can visit the different areas of the ruins: the inhabited area, the Portella, the wall (100 metres long) and the Roman theatre. Information at: Roman city of Pollentia.

The port of Alcudia

In the port there is a promenade where you can find many restaurants and shops. It is a good place for strolling and shopping.

Hopefully you already have a plan or already know what you can do and see in Alcudia. If you are also looking for a restaurant in Alcudia, click on the link and discover our restaurants.

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