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Mallorca is a beautiful Mediterranean island with many secrets to discover. Among the places of interest, the Alcudia market stands out, a unique and lively experience. This market is held twice a week in the open air and offers a wide variety of products and experiences, surrounded by the beautiful old town of Alcudia. On Tuesdays and Sundays, this popular local market extends well beyond the entrance to the old town walls and into the streets of Alcudia town centre.

What to do in Alcudia market

The Alcudia market offers its visitors a wide range of products and activities. Tourists and locals alike can find leather goods, belts, bags, ceramics, jewellery, handmade soaps and locally produced fruit and vegetables. There is also a wide selection of clothing, handicrafts and souvenirs. If you are looking for a unique gift for someone back home, the Alcudia market is a great place to find it.

When you go shopping in Alcudia market, bargain with the vendors like a local. Prices can be negotiated if you know how to play the game. It’s also worth noting that much of what you’ll find here is unique to this market, so you’ll find some items that aren’t easy to find elsewhere.

Alcudia Market times

The Alcudia market is held every Tuesday and Sunday from 8:00 to 13:00, so it’s best to come early to get the best bargains. There are several ways to get to the market. There is a bus line that connects Puerto Alcudia with the centre of Alcudia and runs approximately every 15 minutes. There are also taxis and horse-drawn carriages. For visitors staying in Palma de Mallorca, the MA-13 motorway leads directly to the 54 kilometre route to Alcudia.

Exploring the surroundings

As well as shopping, visitors can explore the beautiful surroundings of Alcudia’s old town. The narrow cobbled streets, 18th century walls and charming churches offer a unique insight into the culture of Mallorca. There are also several restaurants, bars and cafés nearby.

A unique experience is the city tour by open-top bus, where guests have the opportunity to explore the entire town of Alcudia and its surroundings.

Old town Alcudia market

If you want to get to know local traditions and Mallorcan culture and enjoy great experiences, the Alcudia market is the perfect place. If you are planning a trip to Mallorca, don’t miss the opportunity to explore this unique and lively market and see the old town of Alcudia in all its splendour.

Restaurants near Alcudia Market

For a perfect day out at the Alcudia market, we recommend three of our restaurants in Alcudia:

Muddy’s Woodfired Grill is a grill restaurant specialising in dry-aged meats, with a terrace where you can enjoy the best views of Alcudia beach.

The Nura restaurant offers a blend of Mediterranean flavours in a special atmosphere that invites you to relax in the spectacular surroundings of Alcudia.

At Pipper’s restaurant you can enjoy Mediterranean cuisine, fresh fish and a sushi bar right on the beach in the heart of Puerto de Alcudia.

Where to park in Alcudia

Just outside the old town walls of Alcudia there is a large free car park where you can easily park your car. We recommend that you park your car before 10.00 am. This way you will be able to park your car without any problems.

Where is the Alcudia market

We leave you the address from Google Maps, so you can easily reach the Alcudia market:

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